Whether you are looking for a relaxed flight experience or are interested in learning to fly, then this activity is the right choice for you! Thanks to our collaboration with the local flying club, we can offer this amazing experience to all of our customers.



2/3 Passangers


30 Minutes of Flight Time​

Including Video and Pictures

Each additional Minute: 4.5€

Pilot Discovery Flight

If you want you will be allowed to fly the aircraft on your own, with the pilot coaching you. After takeoff and when the pilot has maneuvered to a safe altitude above the ground to an area where you can practice, he  will demonstrate how to do basic turns, climbs, and descents. This always dependent on your level of comfort, and the instructor will ask you before giving you control of the airplane. Some people would rather just enjoy the view without ever touching the controls, and that’s completely fine!

Panoramic Flight

Sit back and enjoy the breath taking views of the Monferrato and Novi Ligure region and live and unforgettable experience. This is the most mild experience and can done in the company of your friends and family as the C172 plane can seat up to 3 passengers. 

Video and Pictures

We provide video free of charge, this way you can bring home with you this amazing experience. We will place 1 Gopro in the cockpit so you can see yourself flying. Once the flight is finished we will send you and email with the video and pictures of your flight. It is allowed also to use your own telephone to take pictures and videos while flying. 

Operating Days / Hours:

Everyday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PRIOR BOOKING REQUIRED

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