Tandem Skydiving lets you experience the thrill of free-fall without any in-depth training. After a short initial briefing, you will jump with a qualified skydiving instructor from a height of 4200 meters, and will get to touch 200 km/h in freefall. At the right time, the skydiving instructor will open the main parachute, at this point everything slows down, and you have approximately 5-6 minutes to enjoy the view as you travel back to earth.

For the landing phase, the instructor will bring the parachute to its slowest speed in order for you to have a soft and safe landing, you will either land on your feet or on your backside with your instructor.

After your skydive, feel free to hang around at the DropZone and to watch other skydivers coming-in to land at the DZ’s Bar, where you can enjoy cold beverages and hot signature snacks. 


Skydive Milan also offers a training course called “AFF”. No experience is required beforehand, but it requires a day of training and a medical certificate. Therefore tandem skydiving is the choice of many people as their first adventure in the world of skydiving.

  • Skydiving without the need for training, the instructor takes care of everything.

  • Enjoy the freedom of the sky and admire the breathtaking views.

  • A tandem skydive can be done by virtually anyone as long as you are 16 and older.


Be sure to book the video and photo service for your unforgettable adventure! You will never be able to repeat the emotions of your first jump. Experience adrenaline and the sense of freedom. Share it with friends and family as often as you wish! A personal video operator records you during the briefing, climb, free fall and in the landing phase. The operator will then edit your video and send it to you via email.


Skydive Milan offers you the possibility to organize unforgettable events such as:

  • Tandem Skydives for Bachelor / Hen Parties

  • Birthday Gift Coupons

  • Marriage Proposals

  • Team Building Events

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